Use These 3 Yoga Asanas To Boost Energy & Productivity At Work

International Yoga Day 2022: Padahastasana can be practiced while being at work

International Yoga Day is celebrated on the 25th of June every year. This year, we discuss ways in which yoga can help boost our energy levels. An increase in energy levels instantly improves productivity.

In this article, we discuss beginner-level yoga poses that instantly boost energy. These poses can be performed while you are at work and can significantly increase your productivity at work. Here’s how to use yoga to improve your performance at work.

Try these 3 yoga poses to boost energy and improve your productivity at work:

1. Urdhva Hastasana

Urdhva Hastasana also called the upward salute is a great exercise to boost energy. This yoga helps channelise energy through its powerful position. This position improves blood circulation which may be hindered due to sitting for long hours. Lack of blood circulation and sitting in the same position, can both reduce energy levels. Here’s how you can perform Upward Salute as work:

  • Stand straight with your legs at the same distance as your shoulders
  • Lift your hands towards the ceiling
  • Open your palms and stretch as far up as possible 
  • You are encouraged to look upwards
  • Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times 

2. Modified Urdhva Hastasana 

This modified Urdhva Hastasana pose is another great energy booster. This powerful pose is very similar to the original pose and is called ‘upward salute with an arch’. Here’s how you can perform this yoga asana:

  • Stand straight with your legs at the same distance as your shoulders
  • Lift your hands towards the ceiling
  • At this point, join your hands and hold them as you would make a hand ‘gun’
  • However, for this asana, make a handgun with only your index finger and with the rest of your fingers folded
  • Now, try to aim this gun behind you while trying to look back upwards
  • Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times

3. Padahastasana

Padahastasana is also known as standing forwards bend. You can easily practice while being at work. The purpose is to boost blood circulation and stretch muscles. Both of these elements help boost energy levels. Here’s how you can perform Padahastasana:

  • Stand straight
  • Now, slowly bend forward
  • The goal is to place your palms on the floor (folding your body in half) 
  • Touching your toes may also be enough if you are unable to bend far enough. As discussed above, this position can be modified. Hence, taking your hands as far toward the floor as they can is adequate and helpful.
  • At this point, your face is supposed to be facing your legs (top of your head facing the floor)
  • Repeat this a few times in small intervals

In conclusion, yoga has various benefits for our bodies as well as our minds. A constant and healthy boost of happy hormones can significantly influence your energy levels and overall productivity. Along with these yoga asanas, we also encourage you to incorporate energy-packed foods into your diet to ensure high energy levels. 

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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