PM Modi’s Friend Abbas In His 70s, Now Living In Australia: Report

PM Modi on his mother Hiraba’s birthday mentioned his friend Abbas in a blog post.


Abbas Ramsada, the Muslim boy who had lived for over three years at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vadnagar home in the early 70s and became like a family member, is now enjoying his retirement life with his son in Sydney, the PM’s younger brother Prahlad Modi said on Monday.

Abbas Ramsada found a mention in the blog written by PM Modi on the occasion of his mother Hiraba entering the 100th year of her life on Saturday.

Abbas was a classmate and friend of Pankaj Modi, the youngest of the Modi siblings.

“Abbas became an integral part of the Modi family,” Prahlad Modi, president of the Gujarat Fair Price Shop Owners Association, told PTI.

In his blog, the prime minister mentioned how his father Damodardas had brought his friend’s son Abbas to their home after the death of Abbas’ father.

“A close friend of my father used to stay in a nearby village. After his untimely death, my father brought his friend’s son, Abbas, to our home. He stayed with us and completed his studies. Mother (Hiraba) was as affectionate and caring towards Abbas just like she did for all of us siblings. Every year on Eid, she used to prepare his favourite dishes” the PM had written.

According to Prahlad Modi, Abbas Ramsada was a native of Kesimpa village near Vadnagar town in the Mehsana district and was a classmate of Pankaj Modi at Shree BN High School in Vadnagar.

“When Pankaj learnt that Abbas might have to leave his studies midway due to the untimely death in his family, Pankaj urged my parents to do something for his friend. Without any hesitation, my father brought him to our house to ensure that he finishes his education. He stayed with us till the completion of his matriculation,” said Prahlad Modi.

According to him, Abbas lived with the Modi family for almost four years in the early 70s and became like a family member.

Remembering those days, Prahlad Modi said their parents had told Abbas that he was free to follow his religious practice and also allowed him to offer namaz at their home.

“Our family always believed in religious harmony. He was like our younger brother. Abbas used to play garba with us during Navratri too. He later went on to become a government servant and retired as a manager with the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation a few years back. He is now living with one of his sons in Sydney, Australia,” said Prahlad Modi.

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