Ex Lankan Cricketer Serves Tea, Buns To People Waiting In Petrol Queues

Ex Lankan Cricketer Serves Tea, Buns To People Waiting In Petrol Queues

Roshan Mahanama seen serving tea, buns to people waiting at petrol pumps

New Delhi:

As Sri Lanka fights off acute shortages – of food, fuel, medicines – former cricketer Roshan Mahanama shared images of him serving tea and bun to those waiting in serpentine queues at a petrol station in Colombo.

Sri Lanka is suffering its worst economic crisis since independence, with the country unable to find dollars to import essentials.

“We served tea and buns with the team from Community Meal Share this evening for the people at the petrol queues around Ward Place and Wijerama mawatha.

“The queues are getting longer by the day and there will be many health risks to people staying in queues,” the cricketer posted on Twitter.

Sri Lanka has deployed armed police and troops to guard fuel stations.

The government declared a two-week shutdown of state institutions and schools in a bid to reduce commuting and conserve depleting fuel stocks in the impoverished nation.

“Please, look after each other in the fuel queues. Bring adequate fluid and food and if you’re not well please, reach out to the closest person next to you and ask for support or call 1990. We need to look after each other during these difficult times,” the cricketer urged.

Sri Lanka defaulted on its $51 billion foreign debt in April, and is in talks with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.

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