Elderly Tourists Stuck Mid-Air In Himachal Release SOS video

New Delhi:

Some six-seven elderly tourists have been stuck mid-air in a cable car for more than an hour and a half in Himachal Pradesh’s Parwanoo. What has further complicated the rescue operations is that they are hesitant to use the cables and ropeways to get out, complaining that they have weak knees and other ailments.

The cable car is a popular feature of the Timber Trail private resort, about 35 kilometres from Chandigarh on the route to Kasauli and Shimla.

The stuck tourists have released a video detailing why it is worse for them.

“I am a diabetes and a kidney patient. They are saying the same thing again and again – that we will be rescued using the ropeway. We are not fit to be taken out like this,” said an elderly man.

A team of the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF is at the spot.

“I have diabetes and BP issues. I am very scared. I have a problem in the knees too. I can’t use the ropeway,” said a woman.

“I am a heart patient and it is very difficult for me to get down like this,” said another woman.

“I am very distressed; have been stuck here for more than 1.5 hours. We can’t use the ropeway,” added another woman.

A rescue trolley was deployed on the cable to get other passengers out, according to the Solan district police chief.

“The technical team of the Timber Trail operator has been deployed and police team is monitoring the situation,” the superintendent of police told ANI.

“Been 1.5 hours,sir. They say they are on it and we are very scared,” said another elderly man stuck in the cable car.

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