Dow jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, also known as the Dow, is a stock market index that tracks the performance of 30 large, publicly traded companies in the United States. The index was first created in 1896 and is one of the oldest and most widely followed stock market indices in the world.

The companies included in the Dow are selected by the editors of the Wall Street Journal based on their market capitalization, financial performance, and other factors. The index is calculated by adding up the prices of the 30 stocks and dividing by a number called the “Dow divisor.”

The Dow is considered a barometer of the U.S. stock market and is often used as an indicator of the health of the U.S economy. Changes in the Dow can reflect broader trends in the stock market and can have a significant impact on investor sentiment.

Despite its popularity, the Dow is not considered a perfect representation of the stock market, as it only includes 30 stocks and does not weight components based on market capitalization. However, it remains a widely watched and closely followed index, and its performance is closely followed by investors, economists, and the media

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