9 Of Family Die By Suicide, Neighbours Say They Spoke Of Getting Huge Sums From Abroad

The police suspect the family made a suicide pact


Shocked by the death of nine members of a family in Maharashtra’s Sangli district, residents of village Mhaisal on Monday recalled that the brothers, Popat Vanmore and Manik Vanmore, often used to say that they would be receiving “hefty money” from a company abroad.

Nine members of a family of the Vanmore brothers were found dead in Mhaisal earlier on Monday. Police suspect it to be a case of a suicide pact, while early probe suggests the brothers had heavily borrowed money from various people.

“Both the families were educated as one brother (Manik Vanmore) was a veterinary doctor while the other (Popat Vanmore) was a teacher. Popat’s daughter was employed with a bank in Kolhapur. It is shocking that the entire family has taken such an extreme step,” a villager said.

He recalled that the bothers would not mix much with others in the village.

“The Vanmore brothers often used to brag that they would be receiving hefty money from a company located abroad. It is heard that the two brothers often used to say that they would receive Rs 3,000 crore,” he said.

Another villager said he had heard that the Vanmores had sold their old ‘wada’ (clustered house) and built their houses where they were living with their families.

The dead include their mother, wives and four children. Police said they suspect the family took poison.

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